RE:nvent is our powerful, modular software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform: we provide the framework; you provide your strategic goals; we collaborate to deliver pixel-perfect, interactive environments that engage, connect, and measure.

What is RE:nvent?

RE:nvent is the platform upon which our software integrates. Because it’s a modular system, our clients use off-the-shelf or customized components for some or all of the products or services they need.
This approach means we’re nimble, effective, and cost-efficient.

RE:nvent operates in face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid environments, integrated with your CRM for efficient and effective end-to-end control and monitoring.

How We RE:nvent



We work together: we discuss your challenges; we define goals; we collaborate to craft strategic, innovative products and services that provide vital attendee data; we implement and support your program; and we learn, refine, and enhance efficiencies as we move forward together.



We bring decades of knowledge and experience to the table; our solutions are based on best practices, discovered by working with top tier exhibitors. Whether you need a simple leads collection program or a start-to-finish, completely integrated system, we build these experiences creatively and beautifully.


Cost Strategic

Unlike other trade show SaaS companies, only Realty Engineering has a modular platform: you can choose any of our products or services, either off-the-shelf or customized, and plug one or more of them into RE:nvent for an end-to-end, cloud-based integrated exhibit, event, or Congress program.

Why We RE:nvent

Data-Driven Decision Making

Our RE:nvent platform gives you end-to-end control and powerful, integrated, actionable data. Real time Dashboard Reports provide an in-the-moment snapshot as well as in-depth, comprehensive activity information that provides the backbone of your Return-on-Event presentation.

Determine which features are most engaging. See what information is requested. Learn where attendees spend most of their time. Discover survey results that inform marketing decisions. Use this information to understand how trade show investments impact attendee and customer behavior.

We help you make decisions based on actual data.
We make it easy.
We make you shine.

Face-to-face Solutions

Reality Engineering understands how to engage your attendees; how to make meaningful connections with them; and how to measure the interactions made on the trade show, event, or medical congress floor. From off-the-shelf to custom-designed SaaS modules, to hardware rental to tech support and more, we deliver exactly what you need, on time, and on budget.

Virtual Solutions

We’ve been there, making virtual connections on physical trade show floors, so it’s easy for us to go all-virtual. We have the infrastructure in place: a well-oiled dream team of seasoned programmers, graphic designers, UI experts, engineers, and strategists working together to create your virtual presence and deliver measurable success.

Hybrid Solutions

Our experience across physical trade shows and virtual events means we’re perfectly poised for the future of digitally connected, live hybrid events. We’ll work with you to find the perfect balance of on-site solutions with virtual participation, so that all attendees are engaged and connected while you measure their interactions.


Dashboards & Reports


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Clients in pharmaceutical, construction, healthcare, beverage, health and beauty industries, and more.
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Shows & events across 15+ countries.

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