RE:nvent Virtual

RE:nvent Virtual is an event SaaS platform that empowers attendee engagement with custom or off-the-shelf solutions for your virtual booth, event, or medical congress. We collaborate to deliver pixel-perfect, interactive, virtual environments that engage, connect, and measure, that meet attendee, presenter, sponsorship, and management demands.


We Build Engaging and Award-Winning Virtual Experiences

We understand the challenges of engaging and entertaining attendees in a virtual environment. We’ve been there, making virtual connections on physical trade show floors, so it’s easy for us to go all-virtual. We have the infrastructure in place: a well-oiled dream team of seasoned programmers, graphic designers, UI experts, engineers, and strategists working together to create your virtual presence and deliver measurable success.

What Sets RE:nvent Virtual Apart


If you dream it, we can make it. Our designs are BEAUTIFUL, and unlike anything you’ve seen before. They’re visually pleasing and navigation is intuitively simple. Attendees enjoy coming into your virtual experience because it’s elegant and engaging.

One-Stop Access

Keep your attendees engaged and mitigate the risk of losing them to click-through burnout. Everything an attendee needs is at their fingertips, including a welcome landing page, media assets, break-out sessions, video conferencing, and more, all in one tab. No downloads, no app patchwork, no need to go outside of the platform.

Registration Integration

We’ve been integrating with trade show APIs for over ten years, and understand all the nuances involved. Use our API integration service to seamlessly connect attendees to pre-registration data, i.e. full contact information, attendee type, and personalized conference agendas.


We provide LIVE, REAL TIME access. You don’t have to wait weeks for your reports— you can access and view same day, same hour, same minute.

Customer Service

Our experts are dedicated to your event, so someone is always available to help. We’re professional, personable, knowledgeable, and experts in our fields.

Return on Event

Our end-to-end platform lets you track attendee activities from start to finish. You can discover which features are most engaging; see what additional information is being requested; and integrate the data to your CRM program.

Your Customizable

Trade Show and Booth Interface

Provide visitors with an intuitive and engaging way to explore your brand virtually. Hover over elements of the image to see specific features.


Let's Get into the Details:

RE:nvent Virtual Features, Tools & Capabilities

  • Branded Environments

    Choose from an assortment of established home page, meeting room, and theater layouts. We seamlessly integrate your branding to meet your needs at a more efficient cost than a fully customized design.

  • Attendee Login

    Customized login field requirement options include name, email, company, zip, state, and country. Enabled cookies allow for one-time login convenience.

  • Media Library

    Share sales collateral and videos with your audience using our media library feature. All content is organized and searchable for attendees to view, download, and share. All activity is tracked for reporting. Media files accepted: pdf, mp4, audio files.

  • Company Links

    Provide your company website, social media links, and contact email for easy access for attendees seeking more information.

  • Surveys

    Enable attendees to request specific follow-up with either simple or smart surveys (branching). Survey options include required, optional, multi-select, and fill in the blank fields.

  • Hosting

    Rest assured, your virtual presence is hosted through our HTTPS secure server service- backed by MS AZURE.

  • Privacy Policy

    Comply with company privacy policy requirements with our pop-up privacy policy, customized to your needs.

  • Dashboard Reports

    Access live activity reports, lead export and survey results on a personalize dashboard from any connected device.

  • Chat Type

    Enable visitors to type chat live or leave a typed message for booth staff. Our chat feature can be set-up for both public and private chat options. All chats are recorded for access later if needed.

  • Custom Environment

    Let our award-winning designers build your dream environment based on your branding standards and specific goals.

  • Registration Integration

    We’ve been integrating with trade show APIs for over ten years and understand the nuances to registration integration. Utilize our API integration service to seamlessly connect attendees to pre-registration data like their full contact information, attendee type, and personalized conference agenda.

  • Welcome Disk

    Create a one-stop information station where attendees can access the most important information about the event easily. Add in a technical support chat feature, current event schedule, sponsorship materials, or even links to register for egift cards. Imagine your dream welcome kit, and we’ll make it happen.

  • Announcements

    Alert your audience by utilizing our smart announcement solution. Options include scheduled and/or impromptu announcements through banners, scrolling text, and pop-ups. Alerts can even be personalized by specific criteria.

  • Gamification

    Boost your audience’s attention, retention, and involvement by offering an interactive or competitive activity into their virtual or hybrid experience. Drive traffic to sponsored content or entice attendees to re-visit areas more often. Activity types include, photo collage, passport challenge, speed memory match, and trivia quiz with leaderboards, to name a few.

  • Poster Sessions

    Empower poster presenters and attendees with our easy to use poster viewing tools. Attendees can search, access, and engage with posters. Add on live or pre-recorded video presentations and live chat Q&A. Allow attendees to up-vote their favorite posters.

  • Meeting Scheduler

    Make the most of your virtual event by allowing attendees to pre-schedule dedicated appointments with product experts during the event. This service includes staff calendar access and time segmentation. The calendar invite is sent to both the attendee and the appropriate company contact.

  • REP:ConnectTM

    Let attendees find and connect with their dedicated sales representative using our powerful award-winning REP:Connect™ tool. You provide your sales territory and search criteria and we activate the features you want within the virtual event platform. Attendees and sales staff can even text each other through the platform if desired.

  • Consulting Services

    Turn-Key your event by tapping into our extensive resources that include: virtual presenter talent, speaker training, custom curated attendee welcome box mailer, and theme brainstorming.

  • Simulive

    Control your presentation quality while creating a moment in time by providing simulated live (pre-recorded) video that can go live at a specific time. We integrate a live type to chat feature so that the audience may engage with the presented content as needed during the presentation.

  • Live Video Broadcast Stream

    Captivate your attendees with live presentations. Services are priced on presentation duration, number of presenters, and estimated count of attendees viewing live.

  • Moderator Tool

    Select our moderator service when you want to have one person in control of what is displayed during a live event. Tools include preview and display screen toggle, mute and unmute speakers, activate live polling, and chat moderation.

  • Audience Polling

    Adults learn and stay engaged best when they are enabled to participate in the presentation. Enhance your audience’s experience by adding live audience polling to a live speaker or panel presentation. Live polling allows audience members to participate, enhancing the experience for everyone involved.

  • Panel Discussion

    Choose panel discussions for lively presentations with multiple perspectives. Panels can be as small as two speakers and a moderator and up to ten that can fit on a screen comfortably. Speaker broadcast kits can be ordered and sent, and one-to-one training is facilitated by our technical staff. Screen share when using our Moderator Tool.

  • Peer2Peer Roundtable

    Energize your attendees with pre-selected or on-the-fly small group discussions. Group size can range from 3 to 10. Screen share feature is available upon request.

  • 1:1 Video Meeting

    Enable personal connections with our proprietary video conference tool for two. No download required, the user simply grants access to their camera and microphone. Browser restrictions could block some from access.

  • Production Services

    Make your most polished impact using our in-house production services to wrap your live content in a branded framework. We will add speaker and subject copy, enhance sound and video quality, and lay out speaker to slide ratios for best impact.

  • Live Tech Support

    Ensure your team has access to live support as needed, especially for live produced events by scheduling dedicated support for live show hours.

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