It's our mission to transform trade show attendee engagement through technology.

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Trade show technology. Reinvented.

With Reality Engineering by your side, engaging attendees is a snap, lead capture and management is a breeze, sales conversation support is at your fingertips, and real-time reporting is just a click away.

Our Customers Include

Trade show technology is in our DNA.

Say goodbye to cobbling together trade show technologies on a one-off basis.

And say hello to RE:nvent – a single cloud-based, versatile software platform for trade shows built to engage, capture, connect and measure.

The RE:nvent engine:
The heart of our approach.

engage: interactives to catch and capture attendees’ attention
capture: data collection for any event
connect: make face-to-face connections count
measure: real-time reports and insights to show ROI

RE:nvent was designed and developed from the ground-up by a tech-loving trade show dream team of programmers, graphic designers, GUI experts, engineers, and seasoned strategists.

We’ve refined every component of RE:nvent to zero-in and double down on making every aspect of trade show engagement simple, streamlined, and measurable.

Stop cobbling together solutions from multiple vendors and start saving your sanity with RE:nvent.


A virtual event platform that empowers attendee engagement with custom solutions for your virtual booth, event, or medical congress. We deliver the right tools to meet attendee, presenter, and sponsorship demands.

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What sets RE:nvent Virtual apart?


If you can think it, we can do it. Our designs are BEAUTIFUL, and unlike anything you’ve seen before. They’re visually pleasing and navigation is intuitively simple. Attendees enjoy coming into your virtual experience because it’s elegant and engaging


Keep your attendees engaged and mitigate the risk of losing them to click-through burnout. Everything an attendee needs is at their fingertips, including a welcome landing page, media assets, break-out sessions, video conferencing, and more, all in one tab. No downloads, no app patchwork, no need to go outside of the platform.


We’ve been integrating with trade show APIs for over ten years, and understand all the nuances involved. Use our API integration service to seamlessly connect attendees to pre-registration data, i.e. full contact information, attendee type, and personalized conference agendas.


We provide LIVE, REAL TIME access. You don’t have to wait weeks for your reports—you can access and view same day, same hour, same minute.


Our experts are dedicated to your event, so someone is always available to help. We’re professional, personable, knowledgeable, and experts in our fields.


Our end-to-end platform lets you track attendee activities from start to finish. You can discover which features are most engaging; see what additional information is being requested; and integrate the data to your CRM program.

Virtual congress and virtual booth design features


See what our customers have to say*

"We partnered with Reality Engineering to produce our first virtual exhibit in May, 2020. Their platform allowed us the flexibility to create a virtual experience that exceeded expectations of stakeholders and customers alike. We were able to adapt our live booth engagements to connect with our customers virtually in a meaningful way."

- Marketing Manager, pharmaceutical exhibitor

"I've been very impressed with the quick and detailed attention to our needs, the timeliness of deliverables, and the level of execution we’ve received throughout these various projects. I look forward to continuing our partnership as we navigate this new virtual world."

- Trade Show Manager, pharmaceutical exhibitor

*Not everyone can publish their names in our brochure, but we're happy to provide contact information if you'd like to speak to our customers directly. You'll be glad you did.

Let's transform your next event or medical congress

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REP Connect

A trade show instant messaging system for your booth.

Why REP Connect?

Reception staff sometimes struggle to connect attendees to appropriate staffers: they may not know the sales reps, what they look like, if they're currently in the booth, or even if they’re at the show.

REP Connect, an add-on module to Reality Engineering Solutions' established lead & digital-literature management platform, offers a way to speed up these crucial in-booth engagements.

How can REP Connect work for you?

Find the right rep by product, territory, and more, and make immediate connections. Use a badge scan to share attendee contact info with a specific rep, and/or share rep contact with the attendee.

The system isn’t confined to just your booth staff either! A whole sales territory can be added and you can make connections beyond the booth.

Sales reps can check in and out from breaks and meetings so no attendee is ever left waiting for a face-to-face.

REP Connect Benefits

Replaces the booth staff excel spreadsheet or thick binder with an advanced technological communications tool.

Frees the trade show manager from being the only source to find staff.

Matches attendees to complex sales territories defined by criteria like product interest, zip code, and country.

Provides a way to instantly connect important attendees with specific reps.

Boosts on-site booth engagement by empowering staff to locate and communicate with on- or off-site reps.

Increases the number of qualified lead scans; even VIPs are checked in for meetings, scanned, and counted as part of your post show results.

Shortens the sales cycle by making a faster connection between rep and attendee. For immediate needs, the attendee doesn’t have to wait until after the show for follow-up.

What are people saying about REP Connect?

REP Connect offers a way to speed up these crucial in-booth engagements, which prompted one Buyers Choice Awards judge to say, “I’ve been waiting for something like this for years!”

They loved the ability to sort reps by multiple classifications (territory, product line, language, etc), which they felt made it suitable for pretty much any industry.

They also appreciated that staffers at the reception desk could have a digital dialog with a rep in another part of the booth in a way that is more professional than texting with a smartphone.

GDPR Compliance

We've got you covered at any and all events both big and small.

What is GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to protect the data privacy of EU citizens and to reshape the way organizations that interact with EU citizens deal with data privacy.

The main purpose of GDPR, effective on May 25, 2018, is to give EU citizens greater control over their personal information.

How we comply with GDPR

Reality Engineering cares about your privacy, and would like to take this opportunity to make a clear statement about how we use personal data.

Our collection of personal data is limited and proportionate to its legitimate purpose which is business-related only.

We have not and do not sell your personal data.

Visit our Privacy Policy for more in depth explanations of our internal and external privacy policies.

Data Deactivation Request

Please fill out the form below to remove your data from our systems. We will follow up with an email to let you know it is completed. Please feel free to send any questions related to your privacy.

Hardware Options

Avaiable to rent or purchase.


Barcode scan & card swipe

Supports leads, survey and document mailing

Low budget solution
Ideal for small events


Barcode scan & card swipe

Supports leads, survey and media viewing

Functionality of a kiosk in a mobile device


Multiple scanning options

Target list matching

NPI compliant

Customizable look and feel


Multiple scanning options

Target list matching

NPI compliant

Customizable look and feel

Sales Force Solutions

RE:think your lead retrieval strategy

How can RE:nvent help my sales team?

RE:nvent also doubles as a sales driven lead solution that can be used by your represenatives in the field.


Combine all of your product media into one single-source mobile platform.

Equip your sales force with access to media that can be managed from one location.


Track specific sales metrics that can be integrated into your CRM system.

Maximize your ROI by allowing us to create a custom branded solution, for a fraction of typical development costs.


Use as a lead retrieval device at trade shows when pairing with a scanner.

Content can be updated and deployed over the web to multiple platforms.

Custom Solutions

RE:imagine the way you distribute and extend your brand.

Let our team execute your need based solution.

Event Activities, Programming, UI/UX Design, Web Experiences, AND so much more!


Entice your audience with high quality activities built on years of event experience.

Positively impact your ROI by entertaining audiences while reinforcing your brand.


Follow up after an event or activity with the aid of our powerful metrics.

Integrate your social media presence with a custom activity to bolster ROI.


Collaborate with our creative team to bring your message to life.

Combined with RE:nvent, your activity is a valuable source of lead information.

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